2022 Christmas Buffet Lunch Menu

Amuse Busch

Assorted canapés, champagne and welcome drinks.


Vegetable soup –Cream of button white mushroom soup

Served with freshly baked assorted bread rolls, lavash and grissini sticks

Salads and starters

Selection of cold meats– smoked chicken, sliced pizza, assorted cold meats, rare roast beef, lidombolo, and umbhonyo

Vegan starters –samoosas, bhatata, mathapha, spring rolls, vegetable platter and tortilla wraps.


Build your own salad

Garden leaves served with condiments, oil and dressings: potatoes; beetroot; rocket leaves; crispy leaves; tomato wedges; cucumber petals, capsicums; artichoke hearts; boiled eggs; oils; vinegars; dressings.

Dressed Salads

Bacon and green beans; pasta; grilled vegetable, couscous

From the Carvery

Roasted beef with yorkshire pudding and horse reddish sauce.

Stuffed roast turkey with cranberry sauce.

Leg of pork and creamy apple sauce.

From the chaffing dishes

Poultry: Southern fried chicken

Starches:samp and beans, pasta dish, roasted black pepper potatoes, rice pilaf

Beef dishes –braised oxtail with baby vegetables

 Traditionally:boiled makhaya chicken, boiled goat

Fish –grilled hake fillet and whole salmon with tartar sauce

Pork –marinated pork spare ribs


Selection of gateaux; tarts; puddings

Puddings –Malva and bread and butter puddings; Christmas pudding and minced pies

Tartlets – éclairs, swans, apple strudels; fruit tartlets

Fruit display, fruit skewers, fruit salad and melting moment trifle

 Ice cream: vanilla and strawberry with condiments.